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Study Explains Why Pot Smokers are Paranoid?

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By "Radical" Russ Belville

TIME magazine has a new article in its Healthland section entitled “Why Pot Smokers Are Paranoid”.  We all know the reasons – 850,000 of us will be arrested, thousands more will get tickets in decrim states which will cost the driver’s licenses of some, millions more will fear detection at work or in their public housing or dorm room and the risk of losing those privileges, and a few hundred of us will have our doors broken down by body-armored police with automatic weapons who will shoot and kill our pets.

But the TIME article references a new study out of Canada where rats given a cannabinoid-like compound exhibited greater levels of rat paranoia:

New research in rats may help explain the source of this distress. The study, led by Steven Laviolette at the University of Western Ontario in Canada, involved training rats to fear the scent of either almond or peppermint. The scents were delivered to rats in a cage either with black-and-white striped walls or with black polka dots on a gray background. (The rats were not pre-tested for their taste in interior design.) One scent was accompanied by an electric shock to the rodents’ feet, while the other scent was not.

At the same time, researchers experimented with the activity of the CB1 receptors in a certain region of the rats’ brains. These cannabinoid receptors are activated by the main psychoactive component of marijuana, THC. In some rats, the scientists blocked CB1-receptor activity; in others, they used a marijuana-like drug to enhance it.

When scientists blocked the CB1 receptors in a region called the basolateral amygdala — which is involved in the processing of fear and emotion — the rats that got strong electric shocks did not learn to fear the associated scent or the cage in which they received it. After getting shocked, they were just as happy as unaffected rats to explore the cage and smell the scent.

When rats were given a drug that enhanced cannabinoid-receptor activity, however, even receiving a minor shock was enough to cause them to freeze with fear when they were later exposed to the cage and its related scent. Without the marijuana-like drug, small shocks did not have the same effect.

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These findings are being considered as an explanation as to why so many tokers are so enamored of conspiracy theories.  I don’t buy it for a second.  This report is obviously just another subversive bit of propaganda from the Illuminati to distract the sheeple from the few truthseekers who dare to point out the coming New World Order.  See, after faking the moon landing, the scientists who worked on that soundstage were all transferred to the University of Western Ontario in Canada to work on a super secret psy-ops project…


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