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This Is Why An Oregon Couple's Engagement Photo Has Gone Viral (Photo)

An Oregon couple’s “Save the Date” photo is making the Internet rounds.

Joshua Rainey, a photographer from Oregon, was hired to take engagement photos for a local couple, Stevie Beard and Brady Hogevoll.

Rainey told BuzzFeed News the couple and their family are avid elk hunters, so they came up with the idea for the picture.

The photographer said:

I shot the photo on a property owned by Brady’s parents. They have over 150 acres along the Siletz River [in Oregon]. The whole family is very into elk hunting and even hosts Make-A-Wish elk hunts on occasion.

Stevie and Brady came up with the idea and surprised me with it during engagement photos. We worked together to figure out how the image should look and set it up quickly before sunset.

It was rather tough to get the shot though, since Brady could only be upside down for a few minutes. Brady tied his own knots and got himself hooked up to the tractor and then his dad lifted him up slowly.

In front of Stevie, who is holding a gun, is a sign that reads, “The Hunt is Over.” Cute!

The photo was posted on the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation Facebook page and has since gone viral, racking up more than 160,000 likes and 30,000 shares as of this writing.

"I guess this theme for engagement shoots is gaining popularity but I've never heard of it, seen it, or done it; before this one," Rainey told Cosmopolitan.

A quick Google search reveals that other couples have posed for similar engagement photos, carrying hunting weapons and equipment, and donning traditional clothing.

Sources: BuzzFeedCosmopolitan / Photo Credit: Joshua Rainey Photography


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