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Why I Got Out Of Teaching

I used to think I wanted to teach for a living. So I got a math degree (my strongest academic subject) and I got a job teaching high school and absolutely hated it. So I got out of that, and went to grad school as a TA to see if I liked teaching college better. Once again, I absolutely and totally hated it. However, it isn't the profession or the work itself that I hate. It's the students that ruined it for me. 

Quite frankly, today's students are nothing but a bunch of lazy loser bums with no work ethic and who don't really care about their learning. The only way any of them pass is by their teachers grading on a monstrous curve and even from there doing a massive amount of grade inflation. Now, there are probably some institutions that are an exception to this (elite institutions). That said, any place I've ever gone has been more of the same. 

Of course, I have my own hypotheses as to why the caliber of students today is so low, and I think it has to do with a lack of discipline. Parents these days are too soft. Children aren't taught the value of a good, hard butt whooping and are victims of this new "attachment parenting" craze, which is total garbage. There's no sense of responsibility. It's depressing, really.

Further, when students fail, they always blame their teachers and not themselves. If you go look at sites like, you'll see precisely what I'm talking about. It's nothing but a bunch of whiney-butt students who are blaming their failures in their college careers on their professors. Sorry, it doesn't work that way! If you do crappy in class, it's nobody's fault but your own, now step up and take responsibility. 

Now, there are places I probably wouldn't mind teaching. I'd enjoy teaching at an elite institution maybe, or maybe somewhere outside the US that still has discipline and teachers kick students tails right from the start of their school career. It's in these countries that education is so advanced that much of the western world is behind by multiple grade/cognitive levels. 

So what can be done? That's easy. High schools need to increase the rigor of their work about tenfold. Seriously, anybody can get a high school diploma in their sleep these days. Universities need to increase the rigor of Bachelor's degree programs to their former glory. Further, universities need to stop admitting everybody and their mother - no more than the top 5% to 10% of applicants should even be admitted to college. College should be for the intellectually elite only, not for everyone. 

That said, I'm having a great time flying airplanes, so I don't regret my career choice one bit. It's better paying, more fun, and I don't have to deal with hundreds of losers on a daily basis. 


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