Why Did Ted Cruz And John Kasich Suddenly Rush To Drop Out Of The Race? Now We Know


Sen. Ted Cruz and Gov. John Kasich dropped out of the 2016 GOP presidential race within 24 hours of each other – and the timing is definitely interesting.

It looks as though both are angling for the Vice Presidential spot.

Both Cruz and Kasich were soundly defeated by Donald Trump in Tuesday night’s Indiana GOP primary. The losses seemingly left both men with no plausible path to nomination, and that’s certainly the reason that both campaigns have publicly floated for why they were dropping out of the race.

However, there may be another reason at work.

Trump has now officially turned his attention to choosing a VP candidate, and it seems at least somewhat likely that both Cruz and Kasich are angling for a better job.

Kasich, specifically, is the main reason why one of Trump’s chief rivals in the early going, Marco Rubio, was never able to get the Establishment to organize around him. Similarly, Cruz and Trump were on very good terms prior to becoming the last two standing – is it really a stretch to assume that relationship can get back on solid footing if both men stand to gain from it?

Kasich literally said, as late as last night, that he wanted to stay in the race. The only thing that has changed between then and now? Trump’s announcement that he had began the VP sweepstakes.

If either Cruz or Kasich becomes Trump’s running mate, we’ll know what spurred on both of their hasty decisions to drop out of the race. 


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