Why did Dozen L.A. Students Cut Themselves with Razor Blades?

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School officials in Los Angeles are trying to figure out why at least a dozen students in an elementary school class cut themselves with razor blades.

The bizarre incident occurred last week at the Normandie Elementary School. One or more students took apart their pencil sharpeners, took out the blades, cut themselves, and passed the blades to fellow classmates. Several students were sent to the hospital; one of them needed treatment.

There are several theories floating around about what sparked this. Some parents think it was a suicide pact. But one classmate said it could have been a statement about bullying.

"I think it was something about the bullying," Joshua Mendez told KCBS-TV. "They got all crazy and started cutting themselves."

Some 20 students have been interviewed about what happened as officials try to get to the bottom of this.

“We see a lot of behavior that is similar to this…children seeking help," said Pia Escudero, the head of LA Unified School District’s mental health program. "Attention-seeking, suicide behavior — or doing things that aren’t healthy.”


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