Why Did 17-Year-Old Tyler Hadley Kill Parents with Hammer?


A Florida teenager is under arrest, accused of killing his parents with a hammer because they apparently would not let him have a party. Tyler Hadley, 17, threw the party anyway -- with his parents' dead bodies in their bedroom.

Police say the motive behind the murders is not clear, but a neighborhood resident and at least one person who attended the party told local TV stations that it was because the parents "would not let him throw a party," according to a report in the Daily Mail.

Police say Hadley killed his parents sometime before he sent out the party invitations on Facebook at about 1:30 Saturday afternoon. Hours later, up to 60 people packed the house for the party.

Acting on an anonymous tip, police went to the house in Port St. Lucie on Sunday and found the bodies, the hammer lying between them. (Disposing of the bodies and murder weapon was apparently on the after-party agenda.)

Hadley is charged as an adult with two counts of first degree murder and is being held without bail.

WPEC-TV in West Palm Beach has the story:


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