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Why Can Police Get Info from Your Cell Phone Without Suspicion?

In the state of Michigan police are asking to take your cell phones during traffic stops and without informing the owner of the phone, running a device that extracts all information/data off that phone.

These are conducted during just routine traffic stops, where there is no probable cause, let alone reasonable suspicion. Police are just hunting for anything that they can eventually find. In effect, they just stomped on the 5th Amendment rights of the car occupants against unreasonable search and seizures.

The American Civil Liberties Union wants information about their usage under laws that guarantee citizen access to the actions of their government. The Michigan state police said sure, along as you pay us $544,680. That is supposedly the cost of retrieving and assembling the documents.

Of course, it's not. It's probably not even 1% of that cost. It is a tremendously high number that the MSP made up in order to get away with violating our Constitutional rights. Be rest assured, the ACLU, the strongest defender of our rights in the nation, won't stand for this.


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