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Why aren't there More Conservative Comedians?

While we're talking politics and comedy, Dean Obeidallah explains why Paul Ryan is bad news -- for the nations's recession-stricken comedians. This is doubly true when you consider the flush times just four short years ago when John McCain named comedy goldmine Sarah Palin as his veep. Man, I'll bet they thought those good times would never stop rolling. Anyway, in the process of making his case, he affirms a point I myself have made a few times:

I know many on the right see Obama as providing much more comedic material than comedians do. They often send me "jokes" about Obama on issues like Obamacare or the "Fast and Furious" program. 

 While I appreciate the sentiment, here's the cold, hard truth: Conservatives are not funny. I'm being brutally objective here. There are some funny conservative comedians and pundits, but how many can you name? I have my theories why conservatives struggle so horribly when trying to be funny, but I'll keep them to myself because I'm not a mental health professional.

I have some theories of my own about the failings of partisan-slanted humor, which I voiced in this post from a few years ago about the so-called comedic offerings on the ill-fated RightNetwork, which launched with much ballyhoo in fall of 2010 and died on the vine less than a year later. I think my point still stands:

Right Wing humor just doesn't work. Nor, for that matter, does Left Wing humor. The goal of all comedy is to go where the funny is, and that can't happen if it's also governed by a specific partisan or ideological mindset.

Say what you will about Jon Stewart and Company's Leftward tilt (which I doubt anyone would deny) but it's not like they haven't given President Obama just as much grief during his time in office as they did the other guy.

I'd go a step further and say that when humor is coming from a place of authoritarianism -- which modern conservatism is increasingly about -- it's inherently unfunny. It's just mean. That's a conceit that continues to be borne out every time I see the "humorous" postings by right-leaning friends and acquaintances on various social media platforms. Be sure to check out the rest of Obeidallah's piece here.


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