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Whoops: Rhode Island Doctor Main Walks Into Wrong House, Charged With Breaking And Entering

Rhode Island Doctor Roy Main is facing breaking and entering charges after he walked into the wrong home while trying visit sick patient and friend Bill Brower recently.

Main, 58, is an internist. Main was concerned for Brower, who had just returned from a long trip, because he had recently placed him on blood thinners. Brower asked Main to come and check on him, saying that he would be in bed but to “wake me up when you get here.”

Main told police that he had only visited Brower’s house once before and never at night. He contends that he did not bring his cell phone with him and had no way of contacting Brower once he was having difficulty finding his house. Main saw a truck that resembled Brower’s, and entered the house that the truck was inside of. The side door of the house was unlocked.

Once upstairs, Main ran into the owners of the house, Mark Restelli and his wife. He immediately apologized to the couple and tried to explain the situation, referring to it as an “honest mistake.”

The Restellis didn’t buy Main’s story, and they held him at their residence until police arrived. Main told police he understands why Restelli, who has five children, decided to hold him at his house.

“I can see why he freaked out,” he said.

When police searched Main’s car, they found two bags of marijuana and a pipe. Main vehemently denied possessing the marijuana, saying that it must belong to his son who borrowed the car earlier that day. He was not charged for possession of marijuana. He was, however, charged with breaking and entering.

His court date is set for August 23, at which time he will try to convince court officials that his entry into the Restelli house was, in fact, an honest mistake. 

Sources: Fox News, The Westerly Sun


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