Questions remain as to the future of Prince’s $6.7 million estate, Paisley Park, and who will inherit it. 

The late pop icon recently signed a deal with music streaming service Tidal and negotiated a deal with Warner Brothers that returned to him ownership of his catalog. Seeing as Prince did not draw up a will prior to his death, the future of Paisley Park is uncertain.

"It has lots of potential to get messy or not messy at all depends if he had an estate plan monitored," entertainment lawyer Lee Phillips, who became Prince’s lawyer when he was just 18 years old, told KMSP. "He may well have set up a foundation where all of it went to charitable purposes. It's what I would have done if I were Prince."

The most valuable part of the Prince brand that has yet to see the light of day is the reported vault full of unreleased music. 

“[There] could well be things in those recordings that could knock your socks off,” Phillips said. 

Reports of drug abuse have circulated in the days since the singer’s death, with the cause of death rumored to be due to an overdose on prescription painkillers. Prince was even pictured outside of a Walgreen’s pharmacy days before his death, though he was also spotted bicycling around his neighborhood. 

“He looked so happy and carefree, whizzing around the compound on his bike. The wind was kind of blowing through his hair and he was smiling,” said neighbor Heather Hofmiester, who took photos of the singer on his bike, according to the Daily Mail. “At least the fans can see this picture and see he was happy right up until the end. He really looked like he was enjoying himself.”

In total, Prince had $11 million worth of property in Carver County, where he lived. For Paisley Park alone, taxes were a quarter of a million dollars per year. 

Sources: Daily Mail, KMSP / Photo credit: TMZ/AKM-GSI via Daily Mail

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