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Who Will Be Chris Brown's Next Punching Bag?

Early in 2008, Chris Brown pleaded guilty to a felony count of assault after brutalizing the rising pop star Rihanna. After a verbal altercation, Rihanna suffered numerous facial wounds at the expense of Chris Brown. Additionally, Chris Brown was charged with a felony count of making criminal threats.

Shortly after the incident, Chris Brown claimed to have forgotten the incident occurred, but following a widespread outcry, and conflicting stories from his own mother, Chris Brown recanted on his lie, and admitted that he did remembered his brutal assault of Rihanna.

Three years later, while promoting his new album F.A.M.E., it was reported that Chris Brown became violent in his dressing room after being asked about a restraining order. He went on to destroy a window, which is certainly less destructive than attempting to destroy another's person face.

There have been numerous celebrities who have been in trouble with the law due to their angry tirades, but it's much more common that the target is an inanimate object. Russell Crowe threw a telephone against a harmless wall.

Charlie Sheen proudly, and to our amusement, tore up a hotel room after a coke binge, and Christian Bale yelled at Director of Photography, and told him that he was 'not a professional' for stepping into a camera shot during filming. While the feelings of anger and the cases of bad judgment may be similar, there remains a huge difference between destruction of property and physical assault.

Still at the young age of 22, Chris Brown may continue his pattern of violence throughout the years.   He brashly defied a public, still chilly after his felony assault with a Tweet: "I'm so over people bring this past s**t up!!" It is unclear whether Chris Brown is seeking treatment for his tendencies towards violence. If he does not seek professional help, he may be at greater risk for more violence in the future.

Audience Poll: Who do you think Chris Brown would physically assault next?


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