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Who Was The Man On The Roof Near The Boston Marathon Finish Line?

There have been many images circulating around the web after yesterday’s tragedy at the Boston Marathon, but one picture that some Twitter users have been fixated on appears to show a man walking on a rooftop of a building near the race’s finish line. Spectator Dan Lampariello took the photo. One of the first Twitter users to notice the man on the roof was the operator of a fake account that parodies R&B singer Frank Ocean.

@Fraank_Oceaan wrote: “Who's that guy on the roof?? #BostonMarathon #PrayforBoston"

There were many reactions to the photo, which was retweeted more than 2,000 times. The phrase "Boston Marathon roof," was trending on Twitter before long.

"Who's the guy on the roof?" one user asked. "He's not reacting to the detonation."

"The picture of the guy on the roof overlooking the second explosion is the spookiest thing I have ever seen," wrote somebody else.

The Daily Mail also wanted to know about the mystery man:

“Who is this person? Individual seen walking on roof directly overhead as bomb goes off at Boston Marathon”

One person who is a member of the Anonymous hacktivist collective, @anon15576, reached out to his followers for answers when he tweeted:

"#bostonmarathon bombing. #man on the roof. Anyone at all know #anything #fellow #anons plz tell me more about the man on the roof. #thanks."

Yahoo News points out that Boston police have been trying to cut down on the amount of rooftop parties along the marathon route, especially after a 22-year-old college student fell through rooftop skylight while watching the race back in 2011.

Sources: Yahoo News, The Daily Mail


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