Pink Taco Donkey: Who's The Ass Now?

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First-we received a call that a drunken donkey would be serving drinks in a bar in Long Beach on Cinco De Mayo (as they did last year). We stopped that. Then, we received a second call that a live pink donkey was at a restaurant in Century City. That was stopped too!

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Is there no other way to celebrate an occasion or holiday than by tormenting or humiliating an animal? We are a people that needed a law to stop us from dyeing or artificially coloring live chicks, rabbits, ducklings, or fowl, a practice quite popular in observing Easter. There was also the live elephant in a bubble to draw attention to a science exhibit in Santa Ana, and, of course, the live elephant that was painted red for an art exhibit in Los Angeles.

If the only idea that a marketing or public relations firm can create is to paint an animal to match your logo - fire them.  Notwithstanding the negative teaching moment that it is proper to exploit, torment and display an animal in such an undignified manner, it is also animal cruelty to color an animal with a noxious substance or paint that prevents the skin from breathing, a consequence that happens when children "try this at home"!

I am begging, cajoling, blogging and pleading to stop these fraternity house antics, and stupid marketing stunts. Can you hear me now?     How about now?Now?


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