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Who Exactly Are the Extremists Here?

It really make you wonder who the paranoid fanatics are reading a screed like this, which tries to smear millions of concerned Americans, who believe our government has gotten too big, too expensive, and out of control as raving lunatics out to start a revolution. The recent controversy with Governors being threatened with removal is not part of any popular movement like the Tea Party, and not part of any political agenda.

Let's just take a look at the Guardians of the Free Republics, and see just what they believe. I'll leave it to the reader to determine whether this is anywhere close a mainstream viewpoint, or rather the work of a very small group of highly delusional individuals.

The basic premise of the Guardians seems to be that, somewhere about a century ago, our Republic was replaced by a Federal Corporation calling itself the United States. This is not a new conspiracy theory that just suddenly sprung to life since the election of Barack Obama, it originated from the tax protester fringe more than a decade ago.

What do these groups base their theory on? They rely on an obscure subsection of the United States Code, which describes the judicial procedure for how the United States may collect on debts owed to it, and which defines the "United States" for the purposes of the procedure, as including Federal Corporations, for which Amtrak is an example.

Can you name for me one mainstream politicians that proffers such an unbelievable and fantastic theory? No, they can't. Has this been part of mainstream Tea Party rhetoric? No, it has not. The Guardians of the Republic, and other fringe groups like them, understand that in the current environment it's easy for them to get attention. The media and groups like the Freedom States Alliance are only to eager to promote their kookery in an attempt to trivialize the concerns of regular Americans with whom they don't agree. It's a low and despicable political tactic as old as the Republic, but fortunately, I don't think too many people these days are buying it.


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