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Whitney Auction Too Soon?

Everyone expected people to start capitalizing on Whitney Houston's legacy, but isn't it a little too soon?

The inevitable auction of Houston-related memorabilia has already been scheduled, only hours after the conclusion of the star singer's funeral in Newark, New Jersey. The first two items to make onto an auctioneer's lot are a black velvet dress that Houston owned and wore during the tail end of her career and a pair of earrings that she donned in "The Bodyguard."

Both items will go to the highest bidder next month.

Darren Julien, celebrity auctioneer, will handle the auction and has publicly stated that other Houston items will be made available over the next few weeks. They will be sold alongside other coveted pieces of Hollywood memorabilia including Clark Gable's jacket that he wore in "Gone With the Wind."

The bidding on Houston's dress will open at $1,000, but is expected to sell for much more. The earrings will begin at $600. If you're interested in placing a bid, the auction will take place in Beverly Hills, California on March 31.


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