Students Chant 'Trump' At Black, Latina Players (Video)


Some unidentified white students yelled the name of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump at black and Latina soccer players, causing them to leave the field in Elkhorn, Wisconsin, April 7 (video below).

Beloit Memorial soccer coach Brian Denu (pictured) told News 3 that some Elkhorn Area High School fans shouted, "Donald Trump, build that wall."

"[Some of my players] came off the field and weren't able to finish the game because they were too upset and distraught over what was happening to them," Denu added. "One of the girls was cradled in the arms of one of our assistant coaches for a good 15 to 20 minutes."

"Those are just words that you'll never be able to take back from those kids and an experience that you wish you could take back, because it was really disturbing for them," Denu added.

Denu is hoping that the Elkhorn students realize what they did.

"I'd like them to just kind of take in what they said, think about their words before they say them," Denu said. "My guess is that they're good kids that have some really, really bad ideas in their head."

"It's 2016. You think that you know that people don't have these views."

Elkhorn district administrator Jason Tadlock told the news station in an email: "We have confirmed that some students near the sidelines yelled inappropriate/offensive comments toward some of the players, and a student or two from the student section. Our investigation is ongoing, and I would be happy to comment further once it is completed."

"They've never experienced anything like this," Chuck Seils, Beloit Memorial School District's athletic director, told the New York Daily News. "They're upset, offended, as you might imagine. We're going to support them any way we can."

Seils was not aware why the Elkhorn students mocked his players, but hopes the school's officials deal with them.

According to the Elkhorn website, the school is 85 percent white.

Sources: News 3, New York Daily NewsElkhorn Area High School / Photo credit: News 3 via YouTube

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