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White Model Calls Herself 'Black' After Surgery (Photos)

White Model Calls Herself 'Black' After Surgery (Photos) Promo Image

A white German model is calling herself a black woman after spending more than $65,000 on surgery.

The model, 28-year-old Martina Adam -- who also goes by the name Martina Big -- recorded a video during a visit to Hollywood, saying that it was her first time there as a "black woman," according to Daily Mail.

"The last time I visited this with blond hair and white skin," she said, standing in front of the iconic Hollywood sign. "And now I'm a black woman with African hair."

Adam has had surgeries to increase her breast size and injections to darken her skin, along with a heavy regimen of tanning.

"This medical treatment increased my body's melatonin production," wrote Adam on Facebook, according to Vibe. "I love my new ebony look very much. Therefore, I'm currently testing various things to emphasize my exotic look."

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"My transformation to a black woman continues. I already bought me beautiful, long black natural hair, with afro curls," she wrote in another post. "Soon I let my blond hair color change into black and get African curls in my hair. Then comes the hair extensions with African natural hair. After that I have an appointment with my surgeon."

Adam's boyfriend, Michael, has also had tanning injections, and reportedly encourages Adam's transformation.

Adam, who formerly worked as an air hostess, said that she wants to "get darker and darker and see what the limits are."

She said that people do not believe her passport is real after her transformation, reports The Root.

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"I'm a black girl with black hair, so I have to change my passport very soon," said the model.

Adam has previously appeared on the reality show "Botched." In the episode, she said she needed surgery on her rear to match her oversized breasts. Adam did not end up getting the procedure, eventually  admitting she needed to do something less "extreme."

Users online have criticized Adam for calling herself a black woman.

"I'm not pleased or supporting this mess," wrote one commenter online. "I'm a black woman as you can see and I don't think this is cool. It's sad. It's pitiful."

"We're just gonna sit back and let someone get permanent blackface and act like it's ok?" wrote another user.

In 2015, a white woman named Rachel Dolezal gained attention online for portraying herself as a black woman. Before Dolezal's parents revealed her background, Dolezal was the branch president of the NAACP in Spokane, Washington.

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