White Woman Flies Confederate Flag in Black S.C. Neighborhood


Neighbors of a South Carolina woman who insists on flying a Confederate flag at her house in a predominantly black neighborhood came up with a solution to isolate her and block the flag -- they built fences around her house. The woman responded simply by raising her flagpole.

The Daily Mail reports that all of this started in the summer of 2010 when Annie Chambers Caddell, who is white, bought a house in the historically black neighborhood of Brownsville. She decided to fly a Confederate flag on her porch.

The 51-year-old Caddell said she is just celebrating her Southern heritage. However her neighbors say it is a symbol of racism.

They appealed to the town council which said Caddell has the right to fly her flag on her property. But the people living on either side of her also have the right to build fences on their property. So they put up solid eight-foot fences.

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"The community met and talked about the situation," said town councilman Aaron Brown. "Somebody suggested that what we should do is just go ahead and put the fences up and that way somebody would have to stand directly in front of the house to see the flag and that would mediate the flag's influence."

Caddell responded by installing a flagpole higher than the fence.

"I'm here to stay. I didn't back down and because I didn't cower the neighbors say I'm the lady who loves her flag and loves her heritage," she said.

She said her flag is now getting even more attention.

"People driving by here because of the privacy fences, they tend to slow down," she said. "If the objective was to block my house from view, they didn't succeed very well."


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