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White Transit Cop Uses Stun Gun On 'Harmless' Black Passenger (Video)

A white police officer repeatedly used a stun gun on a reportedly "harmless" black passenger on a BART train at the San Bruno, Calif. station on Jan. 29.

An unidentified female witness told CBS San Francisco that the officer used the stun gun on Robert Asberry for no good reason (video below).

However, someone on the train called the BART police to complain that Asberry was harassing other riders.

The video (below) begins with the police officer warning Asberry to "get off the train."

Witnesses are heard saying that Asberry had done nothing wrong, but the police officer uses a stun gun on him repeatedly.

“Don’t move or I’ll tase you again,” the police officer yells at Asberry.

Moments later, the police officer yells, “Get on your stomach or I’ll tase you again.”

Later, more officers arrive and Asberry is held down and handcuffed, but the same police officer uses the stun gun again on Asberry.

“As per policy and protocol, BART Police has initiated the proper investigation into the incident, ” the BART Police Department recently said in a statement.

BART policy says that police can only use a stun gun if the suspect poses an immediate threat, which does not appear to be the case.

According to KQED, Asberry was suddenly released from a jail in Redwood City, Calif., this morning after serving 15 days of a 30-day sentence for being drunk and disorderly on the BART train.

Police told KQED that additional charges resisting arrest and battery on a police officer were dropped.

Sources: CBS San Francisco and KQED


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