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Texas Woman: Cop Who Pulled Gun On Black Teens Deserves Medal (Video)

A white police officer pulled a gun on several black teens, who were reportedly part of an unauthorized pool party in a gated community located in McKinney, Texas, last Friday.

The police officer, Cpl. Eric Casebolt, has been put on administrative leave as the McKinney Police Department investigates the incident, which was caught on video (below), noted WFAA.

In the video, Casebolt is seen pushing a black teen girl dressed in a bikini down to the sidewalk and manhandling her on the grass. Moments later, the crowd voices outrage, and Casebolt pulls his gun.

A white female resident of the community, who refused to be identified, told CNN today that she supported the Casebolt's actions, noted (video below).

The resident stated:

I want everyone to know that that police officer, along with everyone else, they were completely in the right and protecting everyone. He was not out of line. I completely support him drawing his weapon or a Taser or whatever it was that he did pull because he was being attacked from behind.

I believe that if your life is threatened, that you have every right to pull a gun. He probably didn’t intend on using it. I feel horrible for McKinney PD and the backlash that they’re getting for this. They are here to protect and serve, They were doing his jobs. I think he deserves a medal for what he did. I really do.

I don’t believe he was out of line one bit. Those kids were taunting them and cursing them out, have no respect for authority and as soon as their parents got here, they didn’t even care one bit about how they were treating the officers and why they got into that situation.

Benet Embry, a black witness who also lives in the community, told CNN (video below) that the teenage party was "out of control."

Embry said the original video didn't show the teens jumping over a fence to get into the pool, security guards trying to escort the teens out and police telling the teens to go home.

Jahda Bakari, a teen witness who filmed the incident from the opposite angle, told CNN (video below) that the teens were confronted about the pool policy, which involves using a pool card.

Bakari, who has a pool card, said that the pool card policy is not usually enforced and that only black teens were lectured while some white kids were not. Bakari added that the (black) people hopping the pool fence were not with her group.

Bakari added, "No one was threatening [Casebolt], but they were more so yelling at him, telling him to shut up and stuff," noted

Buzzfeed reports that some of the black teens claimed that white parents made racist remarks about how the teens needed to go back to their "Section 8 housing."

A video was posted on Twitter showing some physical conflict between one of the white parents and a black teen, which may have led to the police being called.

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Image Credit: CNN Screenshot


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