White Supremacists Interrupt 'Black Lives Matter' Press Conference (Video)


A group of African-American ministers held a press conference last Wednesday in Cincinnati, Ohio, where they called on Major League Baseball's support regarding racial injustice during the All-Star Game on July 14.

The ministers want players to wear black arm bands or patches to show solidarity with the "Black Lives Matter" campaign that started in 2014, noted WLWT (video below).

However, some white supremacists interrupted the press conference with signs and shouting.

One of the signs read, "DIVERSITY MEANS Chasing Down The Last White Person, #white genocide."

Bishop Bobby Hilton, of Word Deliverance Ministries, told the protesters, "We want to have an intelligent conversation. If you can't have an intelligent conversation, move on."

"And how many more decades are we going to accommodate the behavior of black criminals..." said Robert Ransdell, a member of the National Alliance, which has been called a white supremacist organization by the Anti-Defamation League, noted the Cincinnati Enquirer.

Rev. Damon Lynch III, one of the black ministers, stated, "What we saw today is nothing new. It's what the civil rights movement has faced from day one: Angry white people espousing their views, but that didn't stop us from moving forward and it won't stop us now."

Sources: Cincinnati Enquirer, WLWT
Image Credit: WLTW Screenshot


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