White Supremacists Hide Racist Easter Eggs for Kids to Find (Video)


Children found some bizarre Easter eggs yesterday in Henrico County, Va.

The Smith family was enjoying an Easter egg hunt in their yard on Sunday when their 3-year-old son found an egg with racist propaganda inside, which read: "Diversity = White Genocide” and “Mass immigration and forced assimilation of non-whites into our lands is genocide."

RawStory.com reports the eggs also included the racist websites WhiteManMarch.com and WhiteGenocideProject.com.

"My husband noticed the last Easter egg and i knew it wasn't one that put out." Jackie Smith told WRIC (video below). "We opened it and it's got the white supremacist stuff in it,”

“I think it's absurd,” added Brandon Smith, who warned his neighbors about the racist eggs. In some cases, the neighbors' kids had already found them.

“We don't want other kids around here who can read being like, 'Hey mommy what's the million man white march or what's the genocide project?' Most of us don't want to explain genocide to our 6 year olds,” stated Jackie.

"It's disturbing knowing my son is walking around the yard a lot and finding that," said Brandon. "It’s something he may find and have questions about that not necessarily at his age, I want to explain to him. That there are people in this world who don't think everyone is equal."

Henrico Police are still investigating the situation. The perpetrators could be charged with trespassing or littering.

Sources: WRIC and RawStory.com


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