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Report: White Supremacist Sucker-Punches Woman (Video)

A man identified as a white supremacist was caught on video (below) sucker-punching a woman during a protest on April 15 in Berkeley, California.

Supporters of President Donald Trump were holding a "Patriot Day," rally, but anti-Trump protesters (ANTIFA or anti-fascist) showed up, notes KPXI.

The Berkeley Police Department was able to stay between the two groups for about an hour, but protesters broke the police line and engaged in a melee at Civic Center Park.

Police arrested people in the park, but the fights spilled out on the street. At one point, 1,500 people were reportedly fighting with fists, rocks, bottles, and M-80s; 20 people were arrested, but more arrests are expected through social media postings.

One of those social media postings was a video that showed a man, identified by multiple sources as Nathan Damigo of the white nationalist group Identity Evropa, sucker-punching a young woman, notes

In the video, a man wearing a blue shirt and blue pants is seen punching the woman in the face. There are other fights breaking out around them, as police try to break up the violence.

Twitter user Pacific Chorus tweeted: "Founder of white supremacist group [Identity Evropa] sucker punches a woman at Berkeley protest."

Tariq Nasheed, another Twitter user, posted pictures of the man with a caption: "Here are more images of the Trump supporting white supremacist Nathan Damigo, the coward who sucker punched a WOMAN in Berkeley today."

One pro-women group tweeted: "Chief Greenwood, Nathan Damigo is the man in this video, please arrest him. [Berkeley police] and [Berkeley PD Chief]."

"[Linda Maio] pls help arrest Nathan Damigo. See video," added another Twitter user.

According to the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), Damigo founded Identity Evropa in March 2016. Damigo, a former Marine, became a white nationalist while serving five years in jail -- for armed robbery -- and reading material written by ex-Klansman David Duke, noted the SPLC. Identity Evropa only allows European, non-Semitic heritage people to join its ranks.

Damigo tweeted a picture of himself at Berkeley with his fellow pro-Trump supporters, who had taken away an anti-racism sign from the anti-Trump protesters.

According to KRON, 11 people were injured during the fights.

The police said that people were carrying prohibited things such as helmets, signs, a stun gun, flagpoles, flags attached to poles, and at least one knife.

Fireworks were thrown at people, according to the cops who used pepper spray on the crowd.

Sgt. Andrew Frankel said: "Our No. 1 goal is to make sure that our community has an opportunity to practice its First Amendment rights."

Sources: KPIX,, Southern Poverty Law Center, KRON / Photo credit: Pixabay

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