White Supremacist Stabs Kissing Interracial Couple


An alleged white supremacist stabbed an interracial couple after seeing them kiss outside of a bar in downtown Olympia, Washington.

Daniel Rowe, 32, approached the 47-year-old black man and 35-year-old white woman on the street, yelled a racial slur and then thrust his knife at them. He grazed the woman on the shoulder and the knife's blade went into the man’s hip, according to an Olympia police news release obtained by The Washington Post.

“The suspect is unknown to the victims and the attack appears to have been unprovoked,” police said in the statement.

Onlookers phoned 911, and Rowe fled the scene. The male victim chased after him and “tripped him up,” police spokesman Lt. Paul Lower said.

Rowe hit his head on the ground and lost consciousness. Authorities say Rowe behaved strangely when they were taking him into custody. 

“He tells them, ‘Yeah, I stabbed them. I’m a white supremacist,'” Lower said. “He begins talking about Donald Trump rallies and attacking people at the Black Lives Matter protest.”

He also allegedly told police he was in downtown Olympia because he heard there was anti-police graffiti to see, The Olympian reports.

On his body, Rowe has white supremacist tattoos that read, “skinhead,” “white power” and “hooligan,” with a Confederate flag.

“This has all the hallmarks of a hate crime,” said deputy prosecutor Joseph Wheeler.

“This black-and-white couple was simply expressing their love for one another,” he added.

In court, Judge James Dixon made three charges against Rowe including two counts of second-degree assault with a deadly weapon and one count of malicious harassment.

Sources: The Washington Post, The Olympian / Photo Credit: KCPQ/Twitter

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