White Supremacist Exposed as Part African on Talk Show

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Craig Cobb may be planning to open an all-Caucasian village in North Dakota, but after a DNA test on a talk show exposed him as part black, he may be excluded from his own property.

Cobb was a guest on the “Trisha Show,” and had agreed to submit a DNA test. Host Trisha Goddard, who is African-American, announced the results onstage.

According to the test, Cobb is 14 percent sub-Saharan African. However, he dismissed the results as just “statistical noise.”

Cobb was interviewed by The Daily Mail, and said that he only took the test in the first place because he “assumed it was science.” Displeased with the results, however, he denounced the findings as manufactured by show staff who wanted to “promote multiculturalism.” He described the results as “craven and debased”

Despite the results, Cobb maintains his stance against other ethnicities, saying that he is a “border guard for the purebreds” no matter what any test says.

After announcing the big news, Trisha tried to introduce Cobb to the club with a fist bump, saying “You have a little black in you.”

Cobb refused the fist bump, and said, “I’ll tell you this. Oil and water don’t mix.”

His newfound ethnic heritage may not be the only thing stopping Cobb from starting his all-white village. Although he bought 13 lots in Leith, North Dakota to start the “Village of the Damned,” the zoning board put his project on hold. They would not allow the “villagers” to live without permanent housing structures, running water or sewage.

The “Trisha Show” segment was part of a series called Race in America. Trisha Goddard was a popular talk show host for British television before she started her American show for NBC in 2012.

Sources: The Raw Story, TrishaTV


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