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Tom Clements Murder Suspect and White Supremacist, Evan Ebel, Shot by Police

White supremacist Evan Ebel was shot by police in north Texas on Thursday after he wounded a sheriff’s deputy and led police on an intense 100 mph chase. He is “basically brain dead,” but is still hooked to equipment for organ harvesting.

Ebel, 28, is believed to be behind the murder of the Colorado Department of Corrections chief earlier this week. During the chase, he repeatedly fired out the window at the squad cars pursuing him.

Tom Clements, Colorado's top prisons official, was killed on his doorstep when he answered the door at his home in Monument, Colorado, on Tuesday. The description of the car that was seen leaving the scene matches up with the description of Ebel's black Cadillac sedan.

Ebel was on parole after he was convicted of robbery. He is a member of “211 Crew,” a white supremacist prison gang that has been responsible for numerous high-profile crimes in Colorado. In addition to killing Clements, police are also looking into whether Ebel is possibly responsible for the murder of a pizza delivery driver who was gunned down in Denver on Sunday.

The chase started after Montague County sheriff's deputy James Boyd pulled Ebel over for a routine traffic stop. Ebel opened fire, shooting Boyd three times, twice in the chest and once in the head. Luckily Boyd was wearing a bulletproof vest, which likely saved his life, according to The Daily Mail.

After getting a description of the suspect’s vehicle from Boyd, a Texas State Trooper caught up with the car in Wise County. Ebel continued to flee and fired about 30 rounds at the squad cars pursuing him. The chase reached its conclusion when the driver smashed into a tractor trailer rig and his car burst into flames. He jumped out of the wreck and continued to shoot at the police, but they returned fire and shot him in the head.

Ebel had no identification on him and police used his fingerprints to confirm who he was.

Source: (The Daily Mail); (Toraradical)


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