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White Supremacist Charged With Kidnapping, Tattooing, And Beating Woman

A Utah white supremacist has been sentenced to jail for kidnapping a woman and tattooing her against her will.

Robert Calder, 40, will spend a year in jail following Monday’s sentencing. Calder pleaded guilty to felony kidnapping and was given credit for 162 days served. In addition, Calder will have to serve 36 months of probation.

According to reports, Calder and six other members of the Silent Aryan Warriors met a woman they accused of being an FBI agent. Calder, who goes by the nickname “Stinger,” pointed a gun at the woman’s face, tied her ankles and wrists, gagged her with a sock, placed duct tape around her head to hold the sock in place, and proceeded to tattoo “RATTA 100%” on her stomach. After Calder and the other gang members tattooed her, Calder repeatedly beat the woman until she was unconscious.

Initially, Samuel Raymond Craver, 30, was arrested and charged for the incident. But later, Calder was also arrested. Reports say that Calder was the only gang member who the victim was able to identify, but Calder refused to snitch on everyone else involved.

The white supremacist gang members reportedly held the victim captive for about eight hours.


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