White South Carolina Cop Charged for Allegedly Murdering Black Man (Video)


Richard Combs, a former police chief of Eutawville, South Carolina, was indicted this week for allegedly murdering an unarmed black man, Bernard Bailey, on May 2, 2011.

An Orangeburg County grand jury voted to indict Combs whose bail was set at $150,000, noted WLTX (video below).

Back in 2011, Combs wrote Bailey's daughter a traffic ticket for a broken light. She called Bailey to scene, who got into an argument with Combs.

A few days later, Combs got an obstruction of justice arrest warrant for Bailey. Combs tried to arrest Bailey when he came to the police department to fight his daughter's ticket.

According to prosecutors, Bailey walked outside to his truck where Combs shot him once in the shoulder and twice in the chest.

Combs claimed it was in self-defense and cited a "Stand your Ground" law, but Judge Edgar Dickson threw that claim out on Nov. 25 because Combs followed Bailey out to his truck.

Combs' attorney John O'Leary claims the indictment was made to take advantage of the national outrage over the police killings of Michael Brown and Eric Garner.

"[Prosecutor David Pascoe is] trying to make it racial because his timing is perfect," O'Leary told the Associated Press. "He's got all the national issues going on, so they want to drag him in and say, look what a great community we are here, because we're going to put a police officer who was doing his job in jail for 30 years. That's wrong. That's completely wrong."

Pascoe countered that he always planned to charge Combs if the judge threw out his self-defense claim.

Sources: Associated Press, WLTX


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