White School Security Guard Made Black Student Pose For 'Frisk' Picture, Says Mom


Brandon Pearson, who has Down syndrome, started school on Tuesday like many children across the U.S., except he was allegedly mocked by a school security guard in Syracuse, N.Y.

According to Brandon's mother, Brandiss, her 12-year-old son was initially welcomed to the Huntington K-8 School until they stopped to take pictures in front of a mural at the school.

That's when a white security guard allegedly photobombed Brandon, Brandiss, her husband and her father.

Brandiss told The Post-Standard that the security guard said, "Wait, wait, wait, hold on," and made Brandon face a wall and put his arms up as if he was going to be frisked by the guard.

"And he starts laughing and says, 'Now take the picture, he's in the right position,''' added Brandiss.

The stunned mom, who works as a nurse, said that when she got home, "I was shaking, just like fire-breathing mad. All he saw was a little black boy who needed to assume the position.''

Brandiss returned to the school and reported the incident to the principal on Tuesday afternoon.

During that return visit, Brandiss claims that she confronted the security guard in a hallway where he said the picture was a "funny joke."

School officials suspended the security guard on Wednesday while they investigate Brandiss' compliant, noted TheRoot.com.

Sources: The Post-Standard, TheRoot.com (Image Credit: Kurt Lowenstein Educational Center International Team from Germany)


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