'White Pride Radio' Billboard Draws Condemnation From One Arkansas Mayor

A new billboard alongside an interstate highway in Arkansas is raising eyebrows and has drawn condemnation from one city’s mayor. 

As KFSM News reports, the billboard, alongside Interstate 40 outside of Russellville, Arkansas, promotes the website WhitePrideRadio.com, an online radio broadcast out of Harrison, Arkansas, and declares, “It’s NOT Racist to ♥ Your People.”

Russellville Mayor Randy Horton recently issued a statement, published in full by the River Valley Leader, that denounces the billboard’s tone. Horton acknowledged that the billboard’s new message had drawn the attention of local and state media outlets, and even prompted a call from the Little Rock office of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP).  

“The new message infers a racist tone to many who have seen it,” Horton wrote. 

“The implication of this content, in my opinion, inaccurately depict the sentiments of the overwhelming majority of the citizens in Russellville,” he added. 

In the statement, Horton went on to cite First Amendment protections that preclude both him and the City Council from taking action to have the billboard removed, or its message changed. 

“But we can condemn intolerant, divisive, racist thoughts,” he wrote. “As the Mayor of Russellville, I hereby do so."

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Those who visit the advertised website will find a banner near the top of the homepage, carrying a similar message to the billboard’s and suggesting there may be more billboards to come. 

“Its NOT Racist to Love Your People! You can Help Spread the Word of White Revival by Donating to the Billboard project!” the banner reads. 

Clicking on the “About” tab on the site opens a new page with the domain name kkkradio.com. 

“A lot of people recognize that there is an ongoing program of genocide against white people,” the “About” page reads. “There are websites, newsletters, videos, and radio shows, but too many talk about family without including the family.”

The page proclaims the site streams live 24 hours a day and carries “a wide range of music and a nice selection of Old Timey Radio programs — the kind that the family used to sit around and listen to in the evening.”

“These are free of race mixing themes and the exploits of homosexuals — the kind of entertainment that is popular on television today — even on so-called “family” networks like ABC Family,” it reads. 

Sources: KFSM News, WhitePrideRadio.com, River Valley Leader, KKKRadio

Photo Credit: River Valley Leader


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