White Pride Group to March in Michigan


A group that calls itself "white nationalists" is planning to march in a racially mixed Michigan town over the weekend, stirring up fears that big trouble could be in the offing.

Members of the group called "Battalion 14" say they believe in white pride, claiming white men are the only people in the United States who can legally be discriminated against. They say they are not racists. But a look at their recruitment video -- complete with swastikas and members so proud to be in the group that they are wearing ski masks -- suggests otherwise:

show http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QQleJ2FucFw

Police in the town of Jackson say they expect around 50 marchers. According to a report on WLNS-TV in Lansing, organizers told police they would be carrying a confederate flag, as well as a black flag emblazoned with the words "white worldwide pride."

Perhaps even more disturbing, the group said some marchers might be carrying guns to support the state's open carry law. Police, though, say they are not concerned.

Jackson Police Chief Matt Heins said, "We always have plans in place for any type of major incident that may occur and those are kind of boiler plate plans, and so when we have a major event, we certainly have plans that we pull off the shelf to address the problem."

Also of concern is the route marchers will take. A former city council member described it as  literally the racial fault line in the city. On one side, mostly white residents. On the other, black and Latino residents.

All in all, a potential recipe for disaster.


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