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Man Seen Brandishing Gun During Charlotte Protests (Video)

A video (below) of a man brandishing a gun while driving past a crowd of demonstrators in Charlotte is going viral.

Demonstrators gathered in Charlotte on Sept. 21 to protest the deadly shooting of Keith Lamont Scott by a police officer on Sept. 20, the Daily Mail reported. During that protest, a man was caught on video brandishing a gun while attempting to drive past a group of protesters.

The footage was recorded by Heather Head, one of the protesters. She posted the clip on her Twitter page.

“White dude drives into crowd of peaceful protesters, draws gun, allowed to drive away alive,” Head wrote. “With my own eyes. #CharlotteProtest.”

The video was eventually removed from Head’s Twitter page, but not before it was uploaded on YouTube.

“I'm hearing that the video is inaccessible,” Head tweeted. “I don't know why. Honestly... I rarely use Twitter so I'm a little confused right now anyway.”

Head responded to social media users who questioned the man’s race.

“I'm so confused by the people saying he wasn't (white),” Head continued. “I mean, I didn't take a DNA sample or anything but I saw a lot more of him than a close-up of his arm, and he looked pretty white bread to me. His pals in the car too.”

Head added that the protests were still peaceful at the time the man was spotted brandishing his weapon.

“I can't even come close to keeping up with the comments,” Head explained. “Couple clarifications: I'm aware the protests did not remain peaceful (1 of 2).

“They became violent shortly before we left. They were, however, peaceful at the time the man brandished the gun. (2 of 2).”

One person was shot during the protests that night. The victim was not identified and is currently on life support, CNN reported. The victim was reportedly shot by another civilian. There is no indication that suggests the man in the video was responsible for that shooting.

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Scott’s family claims he was reading a book in his car when police officers shot him. However, Chief Kerr Putney said Scott was armed and that no book was found at the scene.

Putney added that Scott refused to cooperate with the officers, who asked him several times to put his gun down. The gun was recovered from the scene, Putney said.

Head said all the violence left her heartbroken. She said she was glad the man in the video brandishing his gun was not hurt.

“To answer a legitimate question: I'm glad he was not killed,” Head tweeted. “I wish the same could be said about Keith Scott.

“I wish no ill on anyone. I just want the truth out. I want people to recognize that racism exists, it's real, and it has real consequences.”

In North Carolina, the law states that it is illegal to openly carry a gun during a protest.

Sources: Daily Mail, CNN, Heather Head/Twitter / Photo credit: Screenshot via YouTube, Facebook via Daily Mail

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