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White Mom Charged For Slapping Black Teen (Video)

A white mom was charged on Aug. 31 with assault after being filmed slapping a black student at Northumberland High School in Virginia on Aug. 30 (video below).

Heather Lynn Sebra was caught on video slapping the African-American teen after helping break up a fight between the him and another boy, who is likely Sebra's son, notes WWBT.

"You're not gonna call my son n-----," Sebra tells the black teen. "You're not gonna call my son a n-------! You are not. I don't believe in that word."

The Northumberland Sheriff's Office said that Sebra "struck one of the juveniles with an open hand."

A protective order was served against Sebra and against one of the young people involved in the incident.

Nicole Thomas told WTVR that her son, John, is the African-American teen in the video.

"It's disgusting, and I think it needs to be addressed," Thomas stated. "And I think people need to be punished for it."

John recalled: "I saw [Sebra's] hand come down then she hit my face and then she said, 'You will not call my son the n-word. You will not disrespect him like that.' I was confused, I was like, 'Who said that?'"

According to John, the incident happened when he (John) was talking to a teammate, and the white teen entered the conversation. John recalled telling the boy to mind his own business, and the teen left, but soon returned with his mother, Sebra.

Nicole is upset about the fight, and about Sebra's actions that day.

"For this woman to restrain my son as she did by his shirt and stick her finger in his face after slapping him, and chastising him for saying something he did not, which he said repeatedly he did not, how dare you?" Nicole stated.

"Yes, that's a huge problem, obviously, we want to make sure our students are safe," School Superintendent Dr. Rebecca Gates told WTVR. "We'll have all of the information that we need to make a fair, honest decision about consequences and, down the road, what we need to do to avoid this situation."

WTVR reached out to Sebra, who did not respond.


Sources: WWBT, WTVR / Photo credit: VideoFads/YouTube

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