White Men, Accused Of Shooting Black Lives Matter Protesters, May Have Supported Guns, Confederacy (Video)


Police in Minneapolis have arrested three white suspects in connection to the shooting of five Black Lives Matter protesters on Nov. 23 (video below).

The suspects are Allen Lawrence “Lance” Scarsella, Nathan Gustavsson and Daniel Macey, reports the Star Tribune.

A Hispanic suspect had been arrested, but was later released.

Sources told the newspaper that police are mulling over whether or not the shooting was a hate crime.

The Black Lives Matter protesters were demonstrating on Nov. 23 against the police killing of Jamar Clark, an unarmed 24-year-old African-American man, on Nov. 15.

Miski Noor, a representative for Black Lives Matter, claimed “a group of white supremacists showed up at the protest [on Nov. 23], as they have done most nights.”

When Black Lives Matter protesters tried move the masked men away from the area, that's when shots were reportedly fired. None of the victims were killed.

The Star Tribune notes a video that was posted online before the shooting features two white men wearing masks. One of the men, who went by “SaigaMarine,” mentions that they are armed, uses a racial slur and explains how they are going to a Black Lives Matter protest in Minneapolis.

The second man, who goes by "Black Powder Ranger," is also in the car.

SaigaMarine concludes the video by urging viewers to “stay white."

On Nov. 20, Black Lives Matter Minneapolis posted the video of the two masked men in the car on Facebook and wrote: "Last night 2 white supremacists, one carrying a pistol, showed up to our peaceful protest at the 4th precinct."

Witnesses to the Nov. 23 shooting claim the alleged shooters wore masks, which protesters demanded they remove, but the men opened fire instead.

The men in the video have not yet been linked to the three suspects arrested by police, nor have they been identified, but the Star Tribune reports that Scarsella's Facebook page includes a “Bonnie Blue Flag,” which is the unofficial symbol of the Confederacy.

The Facebook page of the suspect, who was released by police, bears a strong resemblance to SaigaMarine, whose Facebook page describes him as "Saving the Constitution,” reports the newspaper.

On SaigaMarine's now-deleted Instagram page, he described himself as an Iraq War veteran, model for guns and someone who supports the Second Amendment.

There is also a SaigaMarine user on a weapons message board on the popular chatting site 4chan.

Additionally, there is a soundless video that reportedly shows the attackers approaching their victims on Nov. 23, and an exchange between the two groups before the video ends.

WARNING: Contains strong language and racial slurs.

Sources: Star Tribune (2), Black Lives Matter Minneapolis/Facebook / Photo credit: Black Lives Matter Minneapolis/Facebook Screenshot

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