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White Man's Car Breaks Down, Group Of Black Teens Approaches Him And Does The Unthinkable

White Man's Car Breaks Down, Group Of Black Teens Approaches Him And Does The Unthinkable Promo Image

Shocking video (below) has surfaced online showing a man getting jumped after his car allegedly broke down in the wrong neighborhood.

Video shared online shows a white man in his car, surrounded by a group of black teens. When he gets out of his car, he gets jumped by several people and lays on the ground as he is hit and kicked.

The short clip was uploaded to LiveLeak with the title, "Guy gets jumped after his car breaks down the in the wrong hood." The video's description reads, "Nobody talks about America's 'no-go zones' but most whites know exactly where they are & avoid them at all costs."

Despite the video's title, it is not exactly clear what the story behind the video really is and if the man's car had actually broken down in the neighborhood.

Reddit users questioned the authenticity of the video's title and whether there is more to the story.

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"Maybe i'm wrong, but we know absolutely nothing about the background of this video and judging by the garbage tags on liveleak it totally could of just been cut short to promote a bulls*** race baiting narrative," one Reddit user commented. "It would be pretty stupid to instantly decide that it's just a ton of black kids beating up a white dude when we have zero context as to why this happened. Obviously anti white crimes happen occasionally, but i want to know the full story of this video."

"I need verification about what happened here," another viewer wrote. "The video starts with the altercation already in progress; how do we know this guy was jumped because he was white? Because the title says so? That looks like a pretty upscale neighborhood, it's hard to believe people with the money to afford those houses are racists who have the time to randomly beat up white people for being in the wrong 'hood.'"

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Other viewers reacted to the video on the Mad World News Facebook page.

"This wont be shown on news because its black on white if this was reversed the media would go crazy if you cant handle your buisness by your self then why come out the house," one viewer wrote. "The guys car broke down all they wanted was to beat him up and take his car and money isnt that what all this is coming to the way i look at what happened is a hate crime through and through."

"First off why didn't he call police... so maybe "white guy" had other reasons for being in the "wrong" neighborhood.... and I sure as hell wouldn't have gotten out of the car for any reason unless it was on fire," another user wrote.

WARNING: This video shows scenes of violence.

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