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White Man Said ‘I Hate That Thug Music' Before Shooting Black Teen

Michael Dunn is currently on trial for allegedly murdering Jordan Davis, 17, with a gun at a Jacksonville, Fla. gas station in November 2012.

Dunn, 47, claims the shooting was in self-defense.

Dunn was charged with first-degree murder and the attempted murders of three other teens who were inside a SUV with Davis during the alleged shooting.

Rhonda Rouer, who was in the car with Dunn, testified that they were heading to their hotel after drinking rum and coke at a relative's wedding when they stopped at the gas station, notes

Rouer says that she and Dunn heard loud music coming from Davis' SUV.

“I hate that ‘thug’ music,” Dunn said, according to Rouer.

While Rouer went into the gas station store, prosecutors say Dunn told the teens to turn their music down, but he and Davis ended up exchanging “F-bombs” because Davis “didn’t want to be told what to listen to or at what volume to listen to it,” reports CBS News.

That's when Dunn allegedly got out of his car with a gun and fired at least 10 shots at the SUV, which killed Davis.

However, Dunn's attorneys claim that Davis verbally threatened Dunn, who started shooting when Davis was getting out of his car, armed with “a deadly weapon.” Dunn's attorneys say that, after the shooting, the teens pulled away from the gas station and got rid of the weapon, which was never found by police.

After the shooting, Dunn and Rouer returned to their hotel and ordered some pizza, but did not contact police.

They were arrested while driving back to Brevard County after witnesses gave their partial license plate number to police.

“I thought we needed to go home and get Charlie [the dog] settled,” Rouer later told police. “It was a horrible trip home.”

The state attorney’s office has released jail letters written by Dunn to his daughter, in which he called Davis and other black people "thugs."

“The jail is full of blacks and they all act like thugs,” Dunn wrote. “This may sound a bit radical, but if more people would arm themselves and kill these f------ idiots when they’re threatening you, eventually they may take the hint and change their behavior.”

Even though he claims self-defense, Dunn has already settled a civil suit with Davis’ family.

Sources: and CBS News


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