‘White Man March’ Draws 10 People


A "White Man March" in Florence, Ky. featured 10 people on Saturday.

Organizer Robert Ransdell said he planned the rally in coordination with a "worldwide" White Man March.

"We are here promoting white interests and encouraging others to stand up for people advocating for the white majority just like the minorities are encouraged to do," Ransdell told the Cincinnati Enquirer.

"As far as anyone in opposition, I would say it is 2014. That is one thing you guys love to say, 'it is 2014, how can these racists be out here?' Well, it is 2014. It has been six or seven decades since white people stood up for themselves and it is about time we start doing so," added Ransdell.

One of the signs at the march read, "Diversity = White Genocide."

In Birmingham, Ala. on Saturday, signs that also read "Diversity = White Genocide" were hung on various interstates.

“We just removed the signs,” Birmingham Police Lt. Sean Edwards told AL.com. “We don’t want stuff like that. We want to remove it quickly. We don’t want to alarm the citizens. We don’t welcome that type of mentality and behavior here.”

Kyle Hunt explained the pro-white movement and march on the website WhiteManMarch.com:

The purpose is to spread information through activism, but also to make a statement that White people are united in their love for their race and in their opposition to its destruction.

Sources: Cincinnati Enquirer, AL.com, WhiteManMarch.com


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