White Man Claims Letter About Killing Black Teen Was 'Opinion' (Video)

Robert Keller, 70, was arrested and charged in April for allegedly writing threatening letters to some white neighbors after their black male relative moved in with them in Hurricane, Utah.

According to the Salt Lake City Tribune, Keller was charged with a federal misdemeanor violation of the Fair Housing Act and a state misdemeanor of harassment.

Back in Dec., 2013, Keller allegedly wrote, "If I catch that n------ around my daughter, I’ll kill the ass h--- and then come find what stupid person brought him here in the first place."

According to Hurricane Police, a video from a surveillance camera allowed the interracial family to identify Keller as the person who left the notes.

During a recent interview with KUTV, Keller admitted to writing the letters.

"All I wanted to do was open their eyes," stated Keller. "The whole family is white, but she claims it's a brother or something."

"I said what is going to happen down the road, when the black kid starts chasing these girls?" added Keller. "What I seen set me off, when he was walking down the street with a white gal."

"To me it's not a threat, it's my opinion, which I should be allowed... Of course, I wrote it down, which was a mistake."

Keller was arrested on Monday after he missed two court appearances. He was booked into the Washington County Jail, reports KUTV.

Sources: Salt Lake City Tribune and KUTV


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