White Man Accused of Threatening Black Kids With Gun at Bus Stop (Video)


A white man in Savannah, Ga., allegedly threatened to shoot some black children because they were making too much noise last Friday morning.

Middle and high school students were waiting at a bus stop for their ride to Southwest Middle School when they claim Jason Zimmerman walked out of his house with a gun (video below).

"He came out and he was really approaching the kids, you know cussing and using profanity," an unidentified student told WTOC. "He came out and said, 'I have a bullet with you name written on it.'"

However, Zimmerman claims he went outside to tell the kids to be quiet, but didn't threaten them.

"That is ridiculous. I don't know why they would say that or where they came up with that," said Zimmerman, who did admit that he was wearing a gun on the back of his pants.

"I turned around to go walk up to my house to get my cell phone to call the police and he ran home, I guess because he could see my gun," added Zimmerman. "I never reached back for my gun, I never touched my gun at any time."

Zimmerman was arrested by the Savannah-Chatham Metropolitan Police, which released his mug shot (above) to the media.

He was charged with terroristic threats, but parents are upset that it took more than 12 hours to happen, notes WSAV.

“Immediately, I was just outraged, I was upset and I just couldn’t understand why he would come outside with a gun to complain about noise,” parent Rhonda Harris told WJCL. “These children range from the ages of 11 to 14, and I mean, what was going to be the course of action because of the noise? Were they going to get shot?"

Chatham County School Board officials have decided to move the bus stop because of this incident. Until a new location is found, there will be a police officer at the current bus stop.

Sources: WTOC, WSAV, WJCL, (Image Credit: Savannah-Chatham Metropolitan Police)


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