White Male Teacher Files Lawsuit, Claims Discrimination


Paugh Shadow claims that he was discriminated against for being a white male teacher in a mostly black and Latino middle school in New York City.

In a lawsuit that he recently filed against the against the city and the Department of Education, Shadow said he “was humiliated in front of his peers” and claimed that school officials “discriminated against [him] due to his gender and race.”

Shadow also said in his lawsuit that he was falsely accused by the school of using hurtful language and doling out corporal punishment, including forcing students to march up and down some stairs, noted the New York Post.

Shadow's suit says he was not supported by school administrators and wasn't reimbursed for materials that he bought for his class.

According to The Gothamist, his deleted school profile said that Shadow was a 7th grade math and science teacher who has taught overseas, and appeared in TV productions.

Sources: New York Post, The Gothamist
Image Credit: Astrofilosof


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