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Woman Dressed as Officer Curses at Driver, Threatens Search Without Warrant (Video)

A video recently uploaded on YouTube shows a motorist in Los Angeles being questioned by an angry woman who is not a Los Angeles Police Department officer. She is FALSELY identified in the video as such.

It is unclear where or when the video (below) was recorded, but the date on YouTube page is August 2. There has been no independent verification of this video.

The unidentified officer first asks the driver, "Where are you guys going from here?"

The unidentified driver answers: "Why did you pull me over?"

"Why did I pull you over? Because we have a lot of problems with fraud rental cars here," the female officer responds. "I see you guys all split when I came into the lot and the way you guys are parked."

"So I'm free to go?" the driver asks.

"Yeah. you're free to go," says the officer. "Where you guys heading?"

"I'm being detained or am I free to go?" asks the driver.

"I'm asking you a question, but you can be pulled you out of the car and I can search it if you really want," responds the officer.

"How is that?" says the motorist.

"Any way I want," responds the officer. "Doesn't mean I can use what I find, but I can do it. So you wanna do that? You wanna play that game? You little hard a--?" says the angry officer. "Then don't talk s---. You guys are all over there, a bunch of tatted up gangsters."

"My son's name? My son's name?" responds the driver, apparently referring to his tattoo.

"You can't even park your damn car right," says the officer. "You're over there, she's all tatted."

"I was taking a picture, how am I talking s--- officer," the driver replies.

"You're talking s---, 'Am I being detained or what?' I said you could go, right? So go. Get the f--- out of here," says the police officer, as she storms off.


The YouTube page of this video identified the officer as part of the LAPD. However, the LAPD recently tweeted: "This video FALSELY identifies a woman as an #LAPD Officer | The LAPD was not involved in this video at all."


LAPD media relations reached out and provided proof that the woman in this video is not in fact an officer. The video falsely identifies her as such. The appropriate edits have been made to reflect this in the story.



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