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White Kansas City Teen Set on Fire; Hate Crime?

Police in Kanas City are investigating whether an attack in which two black teens set fire to a white boy was a hate crime.

The Daily Mail reports the 13-year-old boy was walking home from school last week when he noticed the two older boys were following him. He was on his front porch when the teens attacked. They doused him with gasoline and lit him on fire.

"This is what you deserve. You get what you deserve, white boy," the attackers said, according to the victim's mother, Melissa Coon.

The boy suffered first-degree burns to his face and hands.

Police say they are investigating this as a possible hate crime.

"It was pretty bad stuff," said Kansas City Police Department Detective Stacey Taylor.

Coon said she is moving her family away from the area and her son will not return to school, where she suspects the attackers are students.

Police are still looking for the two teens.


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