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White House Lockdown Ends After 'Suspicious Activity'

White House Lockdown Ends After 'Suspicious Activity' Promo Image

One person is in custody after the White House briefly went on lockdown because of "suspicious activity."

The Secret Service announced the lockdown via their Twitter account on Nov. 3, according to The Washington Post. President Donald Trump was not at the White House at the time, since he was reported to be on his way to Hawaii en route to Asia.

"North fence line of White House is closed due to suspicious activity," tweeted the Secret Service. "Uniformed Division is responding."

A few minutes later, the Secret Service tweeted that it had captured a suspect.

"Update: subject is in custody, Layfayette Park & North Fence line along Penn. Ave remain closed," read the entry.

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Reporters were reportedly told they had to leave the North Lawn, according to the New York Post.

Margarita Mikhaylova, a spokeswoman for Washington, D.C., police, said that authorities had investigated a suspicious package outside of the White House. The roads that were closed during the lockdown have been reopened.

Not many details were released about the incident as of Nov. 3, including the name of the suspect taken into custody.

The latest lockdown isn't the first time that the Trump White House has had security concerns. In March, a man reportedly scaled the White House fence before wandering the grounds for about 16 minutes, according to Reuters.

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Jonathan Tran, 26, was arrested for entering the grounds without permission, and could face up to 10 years in prison for the incident, BBC reports.

Tran was reported to have told federal agents who discovered him that he was a friend of Trump's, and had an appointment to meet with him. He was carrying a computer, a U.S. passport, one of Trump's books, and two cans of mace at the time he was detained, according to authorities.

Tran reportedly set off a number of alarms while making his way into the grounds, but avoided some sensors. He is reported to have climbed a 5-foot fence, an 8-foot vehicle gate, and a shorter fence in order to make his way onto the White House grounds.

Trump praised the efforts of the Secret Service in stopping Tran from reaching the White House, telling reporters that they did a "fantastic job," according to CNN.

"It was a troubled person," said the president. "It was very sad."

According to Tran's brother, the man had been "living in his car and eating junk food."

"This is really troubling," said former Secret Service Agent Jonathan Wackrow of the breach. "If someone came over the northwest fence of the Treasury complex, what that indicates is they didn't go over just one fence, they went over multiple fences. This has the potential to be a catastrophic breach of the White House complex. This is really disturbing, just the amount of real estate that this intruder was able to gain or bypass on the complex."

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