Repeat White House Fence Jumper Says She Won't Stop

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A White House fence-jumping Army veteran who was arrested three times in one week said she won't stop until she meets President Donald Trump.

Marci Wahl, 38, was first caught scaling the White House fence when her shoelace became entangled at the top of the fence and she had to be helped down by the Secret Service. She was charged for unlawful entry, to which she pleaded not guilty, and was released pending an April hearing, according to The Associated Press.

A few days later, Wahl climbed the fence again, and this time managed to make her way on to the White House grounds. When Secret Service agents caught Wahl the second time, the intruder was reportedly carrying a map of the White House grounds including the president's residence, according to Inquisitr.

"I lost track of where I was and was walking to the courthouse for a urinalysis appointment," Wahl reportedly told Secret Service when she was caught the second time, according to TMZ.

She also reportedly told agents that she would stay in Washington, D.C., until she got bored with trying to meet the president, saying, "I feel like I am supposed to be here right now."

When agents told her that jumping the fence wasn't the way to get a meeting with Trump, she reportedly said that she would contact her state senator.

She is also reported to have been inspired by "the recent success" of other White House fence jumpers, such as Jonathan Tuan-Anh Tran, who snuck onto the grounds and wandered for nearly 20 minutes, at one point jiggling a doorknob before he was arrested. Wahl reportedly said that she had been impressed by Tran.

After her first two arrests, she was caught just days later attempting to meet the president a third time, CNN reports. At around 2:15 a.m. on March 26, Wahl was caught and arrested once again, this time for attempting to break in to the Treasury building.

Wahl was charged this time with unlawful entry and contempt of court, after police determined that she had been issued a "stay away" order for the White House complex over the previous incidents.

Trump was reportedly in Washington at the time of each of Wahl's attempted intrusions.

Wahl, who had no criminal record before the three incidents at the White House, served in the army for eight years in Iraq and Germany. A representative for the Army Reserve told TMZ Wahl had served from 2001 to 2009 as an electronic missile system repair specialist. During her time in the military, Wahl had received Army Achievement and Good Conduct medals.

Friends of Wahl have reportedly said that the veteran wasn't previously interested in politics, and that the fence-jumping incidents could be evidence of mental illness.

Wahl, who has said that she is a big fan of Trump, has posted videos online defending the president, while also talking about astrology.

Sources: Inquisitr, CNN, AP via ABC, TMZ (2, 3) / Photo credit: Angela N./Flickr

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