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White Gun Owner Shoots Self, Tells Police Black Man Shot Him

Brent Posada told police this week that he lied and blamed a black man after he intentionally shot himself on Feb. 1.

The Shasta Regional Medical Center reported the gunshot after Posada sought treatment, reports KRCR.

At the time, Posada told Redding, Calif. police that a black man approached him and pointed a gun at his head.

Posada claimed he pushed the black man's arm to the side but was shot in the abdomen.

According to The Redding Record Searchlight, Posada described the black man as “wearing a black hoodie-style sweatshirt, blue jeans and black, high-top shoes with silver stripes.”

However, Posada’s clothing and injuries contradicted his story, which he changed during an interview with police on Monday.

Posada admitted he was actually in his apartment when he intentionally shot himself.

Sources: The Redding Record Searchlight and KRCR


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