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White Atlanta Cop Filmed Stomping On Subdued Black Man (Video)

A white police officer filmed kicking a handcuffed black man in the face as the latter is lying on the ground, and presenting no danger, has led to his suspension (video below). 

The video, posted on Facebook by Black Lives Matter of Greater Atlanta, shows the officer pulling the black man out of a car and handcuffing him as the suspect lies on his stomach in the street. 

The unidentified arrested man was subdued and not an obvious threat to the officers when a second officer runs up to the man and kicks him in the face. 

A motorist driving by the scene recorded the incident on his cellphone on April 12.

The two officers are believed to work for the Gwinnett County Police Department, just east of Atlanta. 

"We are DEMANDING that Gwinnett County Police Department immediately terminate this officer who viciously kicked a HANDCUFFED BLACK MAN lying on the ground in the middle of the street (off Sugarloaf Parkway) without cause and without merit," Black Lives Matter of Greater Atlanta wrote on Facebook, reports the Independent.

A representative for the organization, Sir Maejor Page, claimed a stun gun had also been used on the man on the ground when the officer "ran like a bat out of Hell and stomps on his face."

"We are seeking the immediate termination of that officer and also for criminal charges to be brought," Page said, reports the Daily Mail.

Page said his organization received the video soon after the incident. 

The person who recorded the video told Page there was "blood splattered everywhere" after the officer attacked the man on the ground. 

The Gwinnett County police announced in a statement on April 13 it had suspended the officer filmed stomping the handcuffed man:

The officer was responding as a backup officer to assist a supervisor with a traffic stop ... After the arrest, the shift commander initiated an immediate investigation into the incident.

The officer was placed on administrative leave, his department issued firearm was taken, and he was sent home.

He will not be operating in a law enforcement capacity while this case is being investigated. The cell phone video is very disturbing and it speaks for itself.

We will conduct a thorough investigation. We expect an update to this story before the close of business today.

Page, an actor and model who has played a role on the TV show "American Horror Story," said: "They'd have covered this up if it was not for this video."

He did not know why the man had been arrested by police but said: "I can only assume it was because he was black. Gwinnett County police have a reputation for being aggressive with black males and with racially profiling people."

He added: "This is nothing new but it just happens to have got caught on tape."

WARNING: The video contains disturbing scenes.

Sources: Daily Mail, Independent / Photo credit: BMartinSeattle/Pixabay

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