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White Georgia Cop Beats Black Homeless Woman (Video)

White Georgia Cop Beats Black Homeless Woman (Video) Promo Image

The DeKalb County Police Department in Georgia recently reopened an internal investigation of a white police officer beating a black homeless woman with a baton on June 4 inside a Chevron gas station store (video below).

The investigation was reopened because a cell phone video of the incident went viral, notes WGCL.

According to the department's police report, the homeless woman, Katie McCrary, was questioned by police after asking people to donate money to her at the store. The department police report does not mention the beating the cop gave McCrary, or the officer's repeated threats to shoot McCrary. The report does mention the "deployment of the officer’s baton":

Upon the officer’s arrival, the female, identified as Katie McCrary, attempted to push the officer out of the way. The officer stopped her at the door and asked her to step back. Words were exchanged between the officer and McCrary with McCrary subsequently assaulting the officer. She continued to aggressively resist the officer's commands, resulting in the deployment of the officer’s baton.

The officer was eventually able to restrain and handcuff McCrary. EMS responded to the scene to check McCrary. She was transported to the DeKalb County Jail and later to Grady Hospital. The officer filed a Use of Force Report on the incident.

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The police department did not identify the police officer, but the Atlanta Journal Constitution identified him as Officer P. J. Larscheid.

Larscheid noted in his report that McCrary tried to grab his badge, and refused his commands so he responded with "an unknown amount of baton strikes to her left leg."

Larscheid's police report also stated: "I continued my baton strikes to her legs and forearms instructing her to stop resisting and to lay down with her hands behind her back. One strike inadvertently struck the side of her head as she was moving around."

Craig Nelson, a local who knows McCrary, told WGCL: "She’s not mentally there. ... You can see that she wasn’t even resisting arrest. She was probably resisting the last few swings that wasn't caught on camera."

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While police conduct their second investigation into the incident, McCrary is sitting in jail on an unrelated prostitution charge. From the beating incident, she was charged with obstructing or hindering law enforcement officers.

DeKalb police spokeswoman Officer Shiera Campbell told the media in a statement: "The incident was investigated by his supervisor, as well as Internal Affairs. The narrative in the officer’s report appears to be consistent with the video," notes the Atlanta Journal Constitution.

Francys Johnson, president of the Georgia NAACP, told the newspaper: "It is just disgusting to watch her get beaten like that. If she were an animal…if she were a dog, the officer would have already lost his job."

The police department named Larscheid 2014 Officer of the Year.

Sources: WGCL, Atlanta Journal Constitution (2) / Photo credit: Dave Conner/Flickr (2), Tim Dorr/Flickr

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