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White Female Saxophone Player Attacked by Black Women for Playing Jazz Song (Video)

Cassandra Struve was playing a jazz song on her saxophone outside the Summerfest fair grounds in Milwaukee, Wis., on June 26 when three black women told her that a white girl should not play that sort of music.

"I was playing Minnie the Moocher, a classic Blues Brothers song," Struve told Fox 6. "A lady with a child in her hand came up to me, smacked me in my face and said, 'Don’t play that.'"

After Struve was hit, she broke down in tears and pushed the woman who had hit her, but another woman hit the saxophone player again (video below).

"As they walked away, they were saying 'white saxophone playing B-word,'" Struve said. "I was upset and crying instantly because I knew that when she hit me, she hit me with only racial hate."

A group of street vendors ran over to help her and called 911.

Two unidentified women were cited for disorderly conduct, while a third woman was charged with assault, battery and disorderly conduct.

After the attack, Struve went to the emergency room, but she does not have health insurance so she plans to sue the women to cover the costs.

Source: Fox 6


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