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Cop Won’t Be Charged For Killing Man in Milwaukee (Video)

Former Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Police Officer Christopher Manney will not be charged in the shooting death of Dontre Hamilton.

The Milwaukee County District Attorney’s Office released a statement today that said Manney‘s “use of force” was “justified self-defense and that defense cannot be reasonably overcome to establish a basis to charge Officer Manney with a crime,” noted Fox 6 Now.

The incident began on April 30 when some Starbucks workers called the police to complain about Hamilton sleeping in a public park, reports USA Today.

Two police officers checked on Hamilton, but found he was not violating the law and left.

Manney arrived in the park and found Hamilton laying on the ground, which is not a crime. However, Manney told Hamilton to stand up so that he could be frisked.

Manney searched Hamilton, who tried to pull away, according to the officer. Hamilton allegedly tried to hit Manney with his fist, but Manney blocked the punch and struck Hamilton.

Hamilton allegedly struck Manney in response, which caused Manney to reach for his wooden baton and hit Hamilton.

Hamilton got the baton away from Manney, who then reached for his gun and fatally shot Hamilton.

Milwaukee Police Chief Edward Flynn terminated Manney in October because the officer identified Hamilton as being mentally ill and should not have searched him per department policy (video below).

According to WISN 12 News, Chief Flynn said that Manney's "bad tactics and bad decisions resulted in this escalation that nessicated the use of deadly force."

Chief Flynn added that Manney's patdown of Hamilton was not justified.

The Milwaukee Police Association condemned Manney's termination, voted 99% "no confidence" in Chief Flynn for enforcing department policy and supported Manney's shooting of Hamilton.

In response to today's announcement, Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker (R) placed Wisconsin National Guard troops on standby.

Sources: Fox 6 Now, USA Today, WISN 12 News
Image Credit: WISN 12 News Screenshot


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