White Cop Uses Taser On Innocent Black Man (Video)


A recently-released police body camera video (below) shows an officer using a Taser on an innocent black man in Savannah, Georgia, on Feb. 1.

Patrick Mumford was sitting in a black BMW in a driveway when the police approached him, notes The Daily Beast.

In the video, Mumford tells the police that his name is Patrick, and they tell him there is a warrant out for his arrest. He asks to see the warrant, but they refuse to show it to him. 

Mumford refuses to get out of the car, and an officer uses a Taser on the 24-year-old African-American male, who is then handcuffed by police.

One of the cops later looks at Mumford's ID and says, "The ID is right. Patrick Mumford."

However, the police had a warrant for Michael Clay, not Mumford.

One of the officers says that he doesn't know if Mumford has a warrant, although the police insisted multiple times that Mumford did have a warrant only minutes earlier.

The officer then lectures at the man, saying Mumford was asked for his ID, but police did not do so in the video; the cops only asked Mumford his name.

After Tasing the wrong man, the cops engage in an argument with bystanders over whether Mumford looks like Clay.

One officer asserts that he had indeed asked Mumford for his ID three times and how it was all on video -- however, that never appears on any video.

The police report doesn't mention the officers asking Mumford for his ID, according to The Daily Beast.

The officer changes his story later in the video and tells another bystander how police asked Mumford for his ID four times, and claims that it is all on video.

According to Mumford's lawyer, Will Claiborne, 38 seconds passed between the officers' original approach to Mumford and the first command to Tase him.

As a result of the incident, Mumford was charged with misdemeanor obstruction, but that charged was tossed out.

Savannah police are reportedly trying to have Mumford's probation (for a non-violent drug offense) revoked, which means he could be imprisoned for up to seven years, according to Claiborne.

Mumford may also lose his certified collision specialist job, and have to drop out of college.

Claiborne obtained the video from the Savannah-Chatham Metropolitan Police Department via an open-records request, and released an edited version.

Sr. Savannah Police Chief Joseph Lumpkin said that the edited video was "misleading" and "intended to be inflammatory," notes CBS News.

"The video released by the defense attorney was edited and omits significant portions wherein a relative asks the individual to be cooperative," Lumpkin added.

The police department released a longer version of the video, which they withheld from the public for more than five months.

The longer version of the video also shows the cop using a Taser on the wrongly identified man.


Sources: The Daily Beast, CBS News / Photo credit: Savannah-Chatham Metropolitan Police Department/YouTube

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